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If you're looking for high quality marijuana seeds you're in the right place. We have selected marijuana seeds from world's top breeders (Cannabis Cup Winners) specially for you. If you want to grow your own cannabis, indoor and outdoor, don't look any further.
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                                          Offers for March


Bubble Gum
59,00EUR 45,80EUR

64,00EUR 56,00EUR

Super Ice
56,00EUR 44,00EUR

Snow White
109,00EUR 90,00EUR

50x Jock Horror
315,00EUR 240,00EUR

We're doing our very best to satisfy our customers. Looking at the high quality, BudSeed offers a very sharp price. Click here to Buy Marijuana Seeds right now!

Please have a look at our Highlife Cup 2002 price winners Chrystal, Northern Light and White Widow.

Growing Guides
Some of our customers sent us an e-mail with questions about how to grow their marijuana. Specially for them we've added the section Growing Guides. We have a special Beginners Guide and a Rockwool Guide. These guides will help you with most of your growing problems. Questions like: "How can I get the largest plants with the biggest yield" are to be found there. For more specific questions you can always send us an e-mail. We'll be more than willing to help you.

Feminized Seeds available again!

They have been off the website for a while due to delivery problems, but now they're hot and in stock again! Check out our feminized seeds.

Northern Bright
180,00EUR 140,00EUR

Wonder Woman
195,00EUR 140,00EUR

190,00EUR 140,00EUR

185,00EUR 140,00EUR

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